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In the Footsteps of Julia Child

In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport. (Julia Child)

Cooks’ heaven – E. Dehillerin. 

When one of the great American cooks, Julia Child, first set foot in Paris, she knew she’d landed in food heaven. As she discovered, this accolade not only referred to the myriad cafes, bistros and temples of haute cuisine, but also embraced the numerous shops catering to professional as well as enthusiastic home cooks. Food heaven indeed.

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Provins, a town famous for its medieval fairs

Medieval Provins. 

A little over an hour by train to the east of Paris, the medieval town of Provins, is famous for its intact fortifications, impressive monuments and architectural character, combined with a network of small canals.  It became a major venue for the great trading fairs that linked northern Europe with the Mediterranean basin, and was fortified in the Middle Ages by the powerful Counts of Champagne.

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