Neptune Sculpture in the gardens of Chateau de Versailles. Photo, Paris + Plus

The history of Versailles is inextricably linked with Louis VIV, although there had been a residence there for centuries before he ascended the throne.  As Dauphin, Louis XIV had loved to hunt in the forests surrounding the small chateau that his father Louis XIII had rebuilt from the original brick and stone hunting lodge.  These works were ongoing until 1634, which laid the basis for the chateau we know today.

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Photo, Paris + Plus

An exciting new venue for the arts opened in Paris in mid April 2018.  Located in the former Plichon cast-iron foundry built in 1835, it has over 3,000 sq. metres of surface area and walls up to 10 metres high.  It took two years to prepare the building for its new life as the city’s most innovative space for presenting art, using all the techniques of the digital revolution.

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L’Ile St Louis cafes. Photo, Paris + Plus

Everyone visiting Paris heads to the Ile de la Cité, the large island in the middle of the river Seine, to visit Notre Dame Cathedral.  However, the smaller of the two islands, Ile Saint-Louis, can easily be overlooked. 

It has retained its 17th century charm, most of its magnificent historic buildings, and its medieval streets.

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